about me

Hi everyone! I'm glad you are here :)

I’m a 21 years old young*cough* lady who is so joyful to be a believer of pink and sweet things. Hence, I named my blog "Sweety Toothy". I literally have sweet tooth since I was born and accidentally fell in love with those pink silhouettes because well, I'm a normal girl. Vintage things are my second love after all! I love make-ups as much as they love me too. I hope so :) 

Hmm what else?

On my boring personal note, I’m currently a full-time student who loves spending time with my family and friends and ohh also in my Mom's kitchen (for the time being). In my spare time, I love browsing through Pinterest and my Reader, sneaking into those inspiring food blogs and then got myself hooked up. They really inspire me to write more and more - sharing all good things that happened in my dear tummy! 

To tell you the truth, I used to be hopeless when dealing with kitchen stuffs but now I keep falling in love with them day by day. Don't get me wrong, I didn't have any intention to show off how 'healthy' my routine food is or how 'awesome' I am in the kitchen. By other means, I just love sharing some of my tried recipes with you and also keeping them as my reference next time. Who cares. We need a kind of wise-reminder as we grow older aren't we? 

To my fellow 'close' friends: 
Only if you are here, please don't judge me guys. I'm truly a pure village Malay girl and YES I know nothing as you do. I don't know why you are here but just let me tell you with a tinge of sarcasm - I enjoy writing in English to mend my grammars and so I can be friends and exchange ideas with my favorite ultra-sweet people from all around the world :) If this would be a big matter to you, please feel free to use the translator available on the side bar. You're welcome!

I look forward to getting to know you better and continue my pilgrimage with you as together we strive to live healthier lives in service to the King. Just kidding! Sweets are not that healthy, mind you :D