January 19, 2013

mini fruity rainbow cake

Assalamualaikum everyone!

I've been busy lately with my study and a lot of problems stressed me out. So I guess I need to quit baking for a while since I can’t be at home for a quite long time. Don’t get me wrong, I‘ll absolutely miss baking and my little kitchen so much.

To cheer up myself(as this is the last cake for the time being), I made some time to try something new. I used a different recipe from my first Rainbow Cake, which you can either steam or bake. I added some fruit pastes in the layers – Lemon zest + Yellow color, Orange paste + Orange color, Strawberry paste + Red color and ‘Pandan’ paste + Green color.

It came out just like I hoped it would be - Moist, fruity and so much fun on tongue!
As an appreciation for a beautiful ring given by my boy, so the cake was unintentionally upgraded as his second birthday cake. lol. I did not use cream cheese or whipping cream frosting like I’m used to(since he is not into something creamy like those cake toppings) but just the way he like, I used white chocolate to layer and top the cake! And to hold the tall cake, I arranged some wafer biscuits(I suggest to you a better biscuits i.e. lady finger biscuits) around and tie them with a ribbon. It’s a trick to cover the messy work as well. Anyway, yummy!

And it comes with a low lightning quality picture
Feel free to make your own go-to frosting and you can add Yam paste with Purple color and Blueberry paste with Blue color too. Happy trying! :)
*Please double the ingredients for a larger size cake.

mini fruity rainbow cake
125 g butter
110 g self-rising flour
90 g caster sugar
2 large eggs
1 tsp. ovallete
1/2 tsp. vanilla essence
1/4 cup milk
Food colorings-Purple,orange,red,green,yellow and blue
Food flavorings, as desired
+-100 g White cooking chocolate (Beryls and Le Bourne work well)

1. Preheat the oven to 180C.
2. Cream the butter with caster sugar until well combined in a mixing bowl using medium-speed.
3. Slow down the speed and add the eggs one by one followed by ovallete. Continue beating until fluffy.
4. Add flour in 3 batches and mix using a rubber spatula. Pour the milk into the cake batter together with the vanilla essence. Mix well.
5. Divide the batter to 6 same size bowls and add food colorings and flavorings as desired in each bowl.
6. Turn each colored batter into the lined same size-small baking pans and bake for about 10 minutes OR steam in a steamer(for a moister cake) for about 15-20 minutes until an inserted tooth-pick comes out clean.
7. Melt the chopped white chocolate using double-boiler* and layer each cake thinly with the chocolate and top the cake with the rest. Decorate as desired.
*put into a bowl over a pan of hot water.


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