February 19, 2013

chocolate frappe (ice blended)

Let's make it short. Let's talk fresh drink....
Here it goes how to make homemade ice blended!
It was ridiculously delicious and refreshing!

I normally use this for desserts  Mine had run out that time so I just got a little of it. Whip this cream until stiff and top your ice blended :)

Chocolate Frappe

Adapted from my Recipe Book

yield:  4 tall glasses


100 ml whipping cream (optional)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
500 ml milk
2-3 large glasses of crushed ice
Chocolate syrup (or chocolate emulco is just fine), according to taste
Sugar, according to taste
Cinnamon or cocoa powder, to decorate


-whip the cream with vanilla extract until stiff and put in a pastry bag with a rosette tube (you can definitely get the ready-to-use one in a spray-like bottle at the store).
-pour the milk in a blender and add the crushed ice (divide into 2-3 batches). Add chocolate syrup and sugar according to taste and blend well until smooth.
-pour into 4 glasses. The layers will form as the frappe stands (just for minutes so quickly take a snap! mind you). Pipe the whipped cream over the top and sprinkle with some cinnamon or cocoa powder.

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